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God’s Spirit Knows – Look Before You Leap

The Holy Spirit knows how to get you there safer and faster, there is a way that seems right to a man, but the end there of is destruction.The word says in Psalm 37:23, “the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord”, notice it says steps not leaps.When I was young my mum always told me look before you leap, and so when it came to jumping into lakes and rivers, I have always heeded this helpful piece of advice. Yet sorry to say I have not always applied this wisdom to all of life and as such have had to at times learn the hard way. Sometimes I have jumped into relationships, business decisions and other things only to regret that I did not look before I leaped. You may want to get to where you are going as fast as you can but if you are not using Gods wisdom waiting on Him and doing it His way, you could be headed for a crash. My prayer for you today is this, pray and agree with me; “Lord I thank you for the leading of the Holy Spirit in my friends life. Forgive us where we have was…

Come Apart Before You Come Apart

“Come apart before you come apart“, my good friend Drummond says. If you give water out, you must go back to the source and allow God to fill you up again. Take time to allow God to speak, inspire, fill and recharge your batteries. We must learn to wait on God. Try this: Choose a time and a place that is best for you, the only requirement is that you separate yourself from distractions, from the noise and confusion of life. This is your time to hear from God, you must come apart and rest awhile, for if you do not come apart and rest, you will eventually come apart. I have witnessed this happen to friends of mine. I have witnessed people of God suffer, and burn out. I am also speaking from personal experience here. So remember, come apart before you come apart. The Sabbath day was made for man to rest, because Father knows best.Dr. Shaun

Eternal Life

Eternal Life. “He is no fool that gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose.” Don’t miss out on Heaven for the world. God Bless, and remember, you can win in life through Jesus Christ. Dr Shaun