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God never panics!

Because God never panics, neither should you. You may be facing a mega crisis right now. Circumstances may seem insurmountable. You may be tempted to say : “it’s impossible!” Everything is against me and it looks like there is no way out, through, over or around this one. But the good news is: “All things are possible to them who believe.” Jesus can make a way, even if there is no way! Don’t panic, make no mistake, God loves you and Jesus is your answer. He can bring you through your darkest night.

If you look in a thesaurus at the word despair, you will find it means: “to lose hope, lose heart, give up hope, have a heavy heart”. See if this does describe you or your present feelings. Even if you feel the Lord has abandoned you, is distant or doesn’t care, let me encourage you my friend. God hasn’t given up on you, so don’t you give up on yourself. Don’t you panic, but instead rise up on the inside today and declare as the psalmist wrote in Ps 42:5 “Why art thou cast down, O my soul? …

“Be encouraged”

God never panics! There is nothing happening to you or around you that escapes His attention. God sees all (Heb 4v13): “Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.” God is not sleeping, He is not too busy. His eyes are upon the righteous and His ears open to their prayers.

You won’t hear Him shouting one day: “Angels! Why wasn’t I told of this situation, what are we going to do?!” You won’t see God running for the Panadol or Advill, because He is stressed or worried concerning the crisis you are in. He is not sweating the outcome. The enormity or complexity of your problem does not overwhelm Him.

Why? Because God is greater! He is greater than the greatest man, greater than the problem, He is greater than your failures. He is greater than anything. He is greater than whatever life may throw at you. As Joel Osteen would say: “If life throws you lemons, make a lemonade.”

Remember – God wi…