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Let us praise Him, no matter what God asks or expects of us; let us praise Him in every situation of life. Let us praise Him no matter what He appoints or calls us to do. Let us take great joy in Him, reverence Him and respect Him in everything that concerns Him. Let Him be ‘God’ to us, our exceeding joy (Psalm 34:4).

Do you know what it is to delight yourself in God? Learn to enjoy God, enjoy His love, enjoy His presence. As you enjoy Him, offer Him continued praise. Life is no longer to be sorrowful, even amid sorrow, when you know Him and invite Him through praise to be part of your life. No matter how strained, trying or hopeless your circumstances, no matter how afflicted your life, life is worth the living when you honour God. We just need to taste His life in us and experience the joy of the Lord, which God guarantees will be our strength. Remember ‘God’ the Lord God, allows you to call Him ‘Father’. He is your answer, your deliverance, your ‘Daddy’ God and He loves you.