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Prayer Update | Breakout October

We are continuing to push into God, lifting you up before the Lord and asking our God to manifest His very best blessings, in your life.  We need to rejoice together that God has given our city and state, the much needed rain that we asked for.  We praise God for this rain that has been filling our dams, blessing farmers and watering the land.  We continue to pray that the volcano in Bali settles down and no lives are lost or destroyed in the event of an eruption.

We also continue to pray for peace on the Korean Peninsula, we want to see both North and South Korea united as one and prospering as a country.  We pray God's love, peace and blessing upon that land and its people.  Continue to pray for peace through this whole region and all of Korea's neighbours.

Let's continue in prayer for Australia, that God would bless and protect families and the family values we hold dear.  Uphold and ask God …

October Prayer Breakout - Part 2

Thank you for your prayer requests, that you have been sending in.  We are praying for you!  We are pleading the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ over your situations, circumstances and family.  Decreeing and declaring all that His blood represents.  We have been partaking of communion together.  I hope that you have been able to join with us in your homes, churches or gathering places.  During the course of this month we will be sharing testimonies of different breakthroughs that are happening.  Please send in your testimonies that we can share with others.  The following are two testimonies, that I am sharing so that you can rejoice along with us!

On Thursday our Harvest Food Assist workers were given some bags of clothes to give out to people in need.  A lady, in very difficult circumstances with a large family, came in to receive a free food parcel.  Our care workers asked her if she w…

October Prayer Breakout

Thank you to all those that are joining with us in this month of prayer and fasting.  We are doing a "Daniel's Fast" during the first 21 days of October and as promised I will be sending out each week, prayer points and updates.

Once again, I encourage you to journal these times of prayer and write down what you believe God is saying to you.  A Daniel's fast is not a complete fast, but a fasting of certain food types and amounts.  There is a lot of information on the internet about Daniel's type fast and how beneficial they can also be for your health.  I will leave that to you, what and how you choose to fast, during this time, is between yourself and God.

Some people for health or other reasons may not be able to fast at all, but maybe you can fast other things like TV or other forms of entertainment, to give that time to prayer for your Nation, your Family and the Church.

Psalm 133 says, "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell togeth…