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Prayer Alert | Victory November

Hope you have all had a great week!Christmas is approaching fast and it will soon be 2018.  We have called this VICTORY NOVEMBER!

After our Daniel fast, we can sense a new excitement in the spirit. Our God is a faithful God Who keeps His promises.  When I speak to people, I know that many of you have faced and are facing challenging times.  This is why we need to stick together in prayer, upholding one another and encouraging each other. There are pastors that have called me as the Holy Spirit has promoted them and given me an encouraging word.  It is wonderful to know, that God calls people to pray for us, to encourage us and to support us.

We want to encourage, pray and support you.  We are praying for our partners, family and friends, daily.  We want to see a performance of all God's good word manifested in your life!  Please continue to send in your pr…

Prayer Update | Testimonies

We continue to pray for you, through this month of October.  Many great things have taken place as a result of our prayer and fasting.  One lady has let us know, she has been given a car! She received this blessing the day after we finished the fast.  Her car was due for expensive, major repairs, to which she did not have the finances.  Well praise God, an obedient family heard God speak to them and instruct them, to give to this lady their car.  WHAT A BREAKTHROUGH!  WHAT A BLESSING! 

Other people have testified, to have been given sums of money.  Another lady, believing for part time work, to help her family budget and give to the ministry, has received a part time position.  One other lady, was able to sell her house and purchase another house, suitable to start a home fellowship.  These great testimonies, are just the beginning!  Look at the rain Queensland has received, breaking the fir…