Harvest Update

Hi family, friends and partners,

You are more than your mistakes and when God made you, He did not make a mistake.  God has a plan and a purpose for your life.  I dare you to believe the rest of your life, will be the best of your life.

God is moving in power! This is the great Southland of the Holy Spirit.  You have a part to play in God's end-time plan, God wants to use you for His Glory.  Time is going so fast and Christmas is nearly upon us.  Let's use this Christmas season to share the love of God.  Remember Jesus is the reason for the season.  As I have shared above, you are more than your mistakes.  We have all made mistakes, but the word of God tells us to forget what lies behind and reach for the prize that is before us.  That is the high call of God for your life that is in Christ Jesus.  You will receive a crown and a reward that will never perish or be taken away from you.  I believe with all of my heart and I pray for each one of you, "That your best is still to come!"  I believe we are getting in on the best God has for planet earth.  Revival starts, when we start and together we have started.  I am still rejoicing for all of the great things God did at Awakening Australia in Melbourne.  I am also very excited, that Franklin Graham is coming to Australia next year in February and doing six cities in his tour.  Kenneth Copeland is also coming to the Gold Coast next year and is holding a believers convention.  Recently in a prophecy, Kenneth Copeland stated that revival has begun in Australia.  Let's all believe this and confess it and go out in the power of God, expecting to see results as we share the knowledge of His Kingdom with others.  Remember, God is wanting labourers, to work in this last great harvest of souls.  You and I have a part in this harvest as together we share the love of Jesus and spread His Kingdom on earth. 

Praise Report! On Saturday night last week I shared the Gospel of the Kingdom at the Brisbane Congress Congregation at Zillmere.  There was over 15 people that received miraculous healings.  One brother who gave his heart to Jesus for the first time, had his eye sight completely healed.  He was going blind and could barely see, but after I laid hands on him, he was shouting with joy that he could see everyone perfectly and clearly.  Another lady with extreme pain in her foot, back and legs, started running after the laying on of hands.  Many testified of depression and anxiety leaving their bodies and minds, they laughed uncontrollably with the joy of the Lord after receiving the laying on of hands and prayer.  I was extremely blessed to be used by God in this way and it was a great honour to form new friendships and partnerships with these Islanders and Indigenous Australians.  We have been invited back next year to grow and expand the work with our indigenous brothers and sisters.  We want to partner with them, to help them reach their community.  As you partner with us, by sowing your tithes and offerings into our ministry you are helping us to love and work with the greater body of Christ.  Next year, we are planning and have been invited to speak and teach for a week in Arnhem Land for an indigenous community.  Plus be part of a week's praise rally in the very centre of Australia.  We are also planning on visiting Bathurst Island, a small island at the very top of Australia.  Kenneth Copeland, in a prophecy to Dale Smith, declared this to be a strategic location in Australia and we are planning on going there to pray for the local people and to pray from the top of Australia, for this great country of ours.  Please pray that the Lord would send all of the funds necessary for us to take a team and plan appropriately, these events. 

Good Report!  Pastor Brian and Judy have returned safely from their journey down the east coast to Melbourne and back.  Not only was Pastor Brian greatly blessed in the Awakening Australia event, but Ps. Brian and Judy have ministered up and down the coast handing out his book and leading people to Christ.  This Sunday, Ps. Brian will lead a small team, Gary, Alex and Selvin into a local prison to share the love of God and the good news of His Kingdom. While in Melbourne, Ps. Brian along with myself, met Australian gospel singing legend, Steve Grace.  Ps. Brian asked Steve if he would come and do a concert in the prisons with him.  Steve said it would be his honour.  Please pray that all the necessary permissions are granted and we can go in and bless the inmates through this outreach.  I will get Ps. Brian to share in the near future an update of all God has done and is doing.  World Harvest Ministries is on the move, working with other churches, ministries and organizations to bring the life changing message of Jesus Christ to as many as possible before Jesus returns.  We need your help and we thank God for all of our partners. Please prayerfully consider becoming a regular financial partner and contributor to World Harvest Ministries, to reach our communities and world for Christ.

Life Report!  God is on the move and things are happening fast in our world.  Prayer is more important today, than it ever has been.  Through prayer we enter into a deeper and more intimate relationship with God.  But we must learn to pray effectively.  We must learn to pray the prayers that are in the bible.  Hunger and thirst for righteousness and you shall be satisfied.  Soon I will teach a series on prayer.  But right now I am speaking on 'The Blessing', we have formed a new strategic partnership with Jim Kibler and his church in Melbourne, Florida.  I am encouraging everybody to go to Pastor Jim's website and watch his video's on the blessing.  His website is www.increasenow.com.  God is giving me greater insights into this Abrahamic covenant.  God has given me the ability to impart and speak 'The Blessing' over your life.  Email me, call me, send in your prayer requests and I will pray this blessing onto you.  It belongs to you as a child of God in Jesus Christ.  Galatians 3:29 says, "And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise."  If you have poverty, sickness, anxiety or pain in your life, contact me or come to one of our services (if you are in America you can contact Pastor Jim) or contact me and I will break this curse of the law from operating any longer in your life.  Remember Jesus died for you, so that you could be debt free, pain free and stress free.  I want to pray for you to receive everything Jesus paid the price with His life and blood, for you to have.  Jesus loves you and went to the cross to give you life and that life in all its abundance.  Read John 10:10, here you will see that Jesus came to give you life and that life more abundantly.  God wants you to live the abundant life and I want you to live the life God intended you to live.  I want to empower you to win in life through Jesus Christ.

Growth Report!  Get ready for an awesome Sunday with Pastor Jimmy Njino.  Pastor Jimmy is a powerful, anointed teacher and preacher of the Gospel.  He moves in the prophetic and signs follow his ministry.  We are believing for people to be saved, healed and set free on Sunday!  Keep praying for Apostle David Taylor, who God is sending to minister into the life of our church at the end of February 2019, details to come.

We continue to give out free food parcels, pray and lead these precious souls that need our help right now, to the Lord. We have emptied our shelves and we are asking that you our partners and friends, bring non-perishable food to us for us to distribute to those in need.  If you can make a financial (tax deductible) contribution at this time to us to purchase food to given free to those in need in our community, you will be helping us to fulfill to Word of God by distributing these goods to the needy. One lady just came to our door, with her young family and we stopped typing this email, to go and pray for her, encourage her and give her a free food parcel.  She was desperate and in need and when we handed her the food and then Sarah prayed for her, she burst into tears of relief, that there was a hand to help.  You are helping us make the difference.  We could not do this without 'The Blessing' and our precious partners that God has raised up to sow into this ministry.  Please find ways to give below or visit our website and hit the big green 'give' button, whm.org.au   OR call our office on +61 7 3261 4555 and make a donation over the phone.  Thank you for partnering with us in this last great outpouring of the Kingdom on earth!

Together let us, love more, win more, reach more and do more for Jesus! 

Ps. Shaun Marler
Apostle World Harvest Ministries

Sow into World Harvest and reap an eternal harvest, to empower us to love more, win more, do more and reach more for Christ.
Send your best tax deductible love offering.

Please call +61 7 3261 4555 or use the details below to make your donation.

Account Name: World Harvest Ministries
BSB: 034-064
Account Number: 34-6364
Westpac Bank

Or, please go to https://tithe.ly/give?c=477803  to make the donation online.

For you shall go out with joy, and be led out with peace;  (Isaiah 55:12a)

We love and appreciate your faithful and ongoing support, through financial partnership with this ministry.

‘Team work makes the dream work!’


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