Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Let us praise Him, no matter what God asks or expects of us; let us praise Him in every situation of life. Let us praise Him no matter what He appoints or calls us to do. Let us take great joy in Him, reverence Him and respect Him in everything that concerns Him. Let Him be ‘God’ to us, our exceeding joy (Psalm 34:4).

Do you know what it is to delight yourself in God? Learn to enjoy God, enjoy His love, enjoy His presence. As you enjoy Him, offer Him continued praise. Life is no longer to be sorrowful, even amid sorrow, when you know Him and invite Him through praise to be part of your life. No matter how strained, trying or hopeless your circumstances, no matter how afflicted your life, life is worth the living when you honour God. We just need to taste His life in us and experience the joy of the Lord, which God guarantees will be our strength. Remember ‘God’ the Lord God, allows you to call Him ‘Father’. He is your answer, your deliverance, your ‘Daddy’ God and He loves you.

Praise is heart enjoyment, heart enlightenment. Praise is life-giving, spirit-lifting and soul-empowering. Praise is ready to pick you up and set you free from whatever enslaves you. God has done so much for me that I must praise Him, or feel as if I had a fire shut up within me: a force that I cannot contain, but must release. Our God is longing for His people to praise Him (Psalm 107).

The Lord has favoured you greatly. Before the earth was, He chose you and entered into a covenant with you. He gave you to His son Jesus and He gave His son Jesus to you. When we accept Him and what He has done for us, when we believe on His name, He breathes His Spirit into us, so we can say ‘Abba, Father’ or ‘my Daddy God’ (Romans 8:15). Surely you must praise Him! How can we ever be totally satisfied in life if we do not praise Him? To truly satisfy the deep longing of our heart or spirit we must learn to exalt, honour and praise the Lord our God.

We need to launch out into His sea of Love and express our deepest appreciation to Him for who He is and what He has done for us. Your name is written in the Lamb’s book of Life. Through Him you will live forever. 

Learn to practise the presence of God. Through praise, even in the midst of trouble, learn to enjoy God. Let God swallow you up in His immense love, let Him wrap His arms of comfort and reassurance around you. As the old Hymn says “What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear; what a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.” You will build a nest for your soul in the presence of a loving Jesus. He will swallow you up in the fathomless abyss of His infinite love. God wants to pour out His affection upon you. Just as Leah when Judah (Hebrew meaning of Judah is Praise) was born, let us say, “Now will I praise the Lord!” (Genesis 29:35).

  - Dr Shaun Marler
Empowering you to win in life through Jesus Christ.

Thursday, February 12, 2015



There are some people in the wilderness who don’t have any water yet! Unless someone comes and ministers to them they are going to die in the wilderness, without water. Someone must preach the Gospel to them until their dry areas are made wet! 

Proverbs 15 v23  “Everyone enjoys the right answer, because it brings joy to the person, and how good is a timely word“ . 

There is water in your relationships, there is water in your family, there is water in your home and in your business. There is water right here in these words. Water, water everywhere .You only needs to dig some ditches. 

Proverbs 25 v25 “Like cold water to a weary person, is good news from a distant land “

You don’t have to give up, you don’t have to give in, you don’t have to quit, because God said, He would fill those dry areas of your life with water. If you have been going through dry places and wilderness areas for a long time. Well its time to dig some ditches! God is saying to you,  “ Get ready and dig some ditches, because I am fixing to Bless you and your Latter Day is going to be Greater than your Former!  
There might not be any clouds, any wind or any rain, but God is going to fill those ditches with Water! 

2 Kings 3v17 “For thus says the Lord “You shall not see wind, neither will you see rain, yet the Valley shall be filled with Water”. 

God will fill those ditches in your homes, in your marriages and in your Business with Water. To the ditches of your emotions, He says “Get your mind ready, get your attitude right, and get your heart fixed. He is about to open the windows of Heaven and fill those ditches with Water! God Says “I am going to pour out a Blessing there will not be room enough to receive”.

When you think you just can’t take it anymore. It is then that God will send you His blessing. Don’t allow satan, to discourage or dishearten you, thereby stopping the blessing of God from flowing down. 

So I dare you to dig those ditches now! As soon as you are ready and those ditches are dug, God will fill them with water by His Spirit. There will be no warning signs, No Rain, No Clouds and No Wind, just water, water everywhere. I dare you to get ready dig those ditches and regardless of the circumstances, Expect God to fill those ditches with the life giving water you so desperately need. 

-          - Dr Shaun Marler
Empowering you to win in Life through Jesus Christ.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

His word will heal your yesterday

His Word will heal your yesterday.
Wow! What a powerful statement. How many people are crippled in life today because of a past experience that has internally wounded them! Negative or harsh words and disappointments may have stolen or quenched your dreams. But God’s word can heal your Yesterday.

You don’t have to travel through life anymore with a rear-view mirror perspective. You can look straight ahead. Thank God for hindsight, lets learn from past mistakes but don’t you live there. Look up and straight ahead, God will heal your yesterday and give you a fresh vision, a future vision, full of great hope and joy.

Remember the woman in the Gospel of Mark Chapter 5, who had an issue of Blood. She had suffered for many years, but it only grew worse overtime. This was highly embarrassing, not to mention debilitating and in her day, she would have been considered a social outcast. As a loner, she was rejected, her hopes all but gone and her dreams and aspirations dead. Can you relate to the 12 years of pain? Her suffering and trauma? No man wanted her and she could not work.
This kind of trauma is as fresh in the victim today as it was when it first started. Although the problem may be rooted in the past, the prescription is a present Word from God .Hebrews 13:8 “The Word is the same yesterday, today and forever!” That is to say the word you are hearing today can heal your yesterday!  
 This woman heard the word and a glimmer of hope rose in her spirit.  The word stirred her inner being, to believe in her dreams again, of what she could and would have been. She rose up on the inside and pressed through the prejudice of man. Beyond the pain of dreams gone dry. Past the despair of a broken and ridiculed life. Past the limitations of the status-quo, to find Jesus! To grab hold of the word of God. For she said, ‘if I can just touch the Word, I will be made whole!’.

Jesus asked, ‘Who touched me’. Someone had made a demand on the Word of God. Someone had gotten hold of that, life changing Word.  Jesus said “Your faith has made you whole, go in Peace! “  Go into the Messiahs Peace, this is complete peace of mind, tranquillity and safety. May happiness and prosperity be your portion.  May you be in complete peace. 

I dare you today, to let the word of God heal your yesterday. Let Gods word, keep you today and give you are fresh vision for your future. I dare you to believe you can be healed, it’s not too late to be what you could have been .
-          Dr Shaun Marler
 empowering you to win in life through Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Wait, the Word says to wait!
Wait on God, even when it seems like nothing is happening.
Even if you feel or know you are in the middle of the wilderness, Wait.
Even if you feel like you are dry and there is no water, Wait .
Wait on the perfect timing of God , because He has a plan! Gods plan for your life is all good. He has not forsaken you, neither has He forgotten you!
Wait I say on the Lord and He will lift you up.
He will strengthen you and you will again ascend on Eagles wings.
The Devil may be telling you right now to give up, to quit , throw the towel in as it were. But don’t you quit , keep going.
As Sir Winston Churchill would often say in the Second World War, "If you are going through Hell, don’t stop! keep going".
God is with you and He will cause the River to flow for you even in the Desert !
That little drip of water will turn into a trickle, that trickle will turn into a stream and that stream will turn into a Flood!
“Out of your Belly will flow Rivers of living Water “ John 7 v 38
That’s Gods promise in His Word to you ! I dare you this day , To Wait on The Lord!

Dr Shaun Marler,
Empowering you to Win in Life through Jesus Christ.

- Shaun Marler

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


James said, The prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up. This promise was made to the "any" who are sick.

    I am excited every time I think of the two all-inclusive words that go hand in hand across the pages of scriptural truth. They are the "whosoever" of salvation and the "any" of divine healing.

    These words definitely include you, and everyone else, or I have no understanding of the English language.

    Because "any" always includes you, and everyone else, so we should rejoice that healing is for all.

    The prayer of faith can never be offered while you are wondering whether or not it is God’s will to do the thing which you are asking Him to do for you.

    The real God kind of faith comes by hearing the Word of God, i.e., by hearing God say to you through His Word what He wants to do for you. Praying the prayer of faith is merely asking God to do the thing which He promised to do.

    If it is God's will for you to be sick, we could not pray the prayer of faith, for your healing. If it was God's will for you to be sick, then it would be wrong to ask someone to pray for your healing. Because we would all be disobeying God and going against the heavenly Father’s will.

    It would be wrong to seek help from doctors, nurses, or any other kind of medical aid. For in so doing you would be saying, in effect, "It is Your will, Lord, that I should be ill, but I am going to call a doctor (or do some other thing) so that I may avoid Your will."

    To be perfect logical, if you think it may not be God's will for you to be healed, you should make no effort whatever to get well, but should resign yourself to your "fate" and tell the world that you are "suffering" sickness for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    But, when did He say that He wanted you to suffer sickness for Him? Instead, He suffered sickness for you.

    If you really think it may be God's will for you to be sick and you doubt His willingness to heal you, then I would suggest that you settle down and be content with your lot in life.

    If you believe that it is God's will for you to suffer, then I would suggest that you take all your money that you intend to spend on doctors and medicine and give it to the poor. Use that money that you have set aside for your medical bills and use it to spread the Gospel. Then go ahead and endure the pain and suffering that you believe God is putting on you.

    If God is not willing to heal you, and you want His will more than anything else in the world. I think that it is better for you to stay away from doctors because, the first thing they are going to do is try and diagnose your problem and prescribe a solution, which would thereby break God’s will for your life.

No it is not God’s will for you to be sick and suffer, it is God’s will for you to be healed. Thank God for all our doctors, medicines and medical breakthroughs that seek to alleviate the suffering of people caused by the curse from the fall of man and satan.

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:10

 “Empowering you to win in life through Jesus Christ”
         Dr Shaun Marler

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Need Meeter

John 10:10 10b I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

My experience has taught me that no man will fully follow Jesus Christ until he settles the issue concerning Jesus’ relationships with his or her need.

A person must first come to the realisation that they have needs that they themselves cannot meet. It is not until they reach that point, that they then can become aware of God, who sent His son into the World to identify with their needs, and give them abundant life!

I met someone who once said, “I may be the exception, I don’t have any needs, I grew up healthy, my parents gave me a nice home and everything I needed, they sent me to Uni, I got a good education and scored a great job, I met and married a lovely wife and have beautiful children. I have never had what you may call a critical need”. Ok then I asked, “But how did you come to know Jesus!” Well he said “Even though I was doing well and my bills were paid, I came to a place where I started to wonder what is life all about. I woke up one day and realized there was emptiness to my life. I lacked purpose, was this it, is this there all is to life, the same old, same old. My wife new Jesus and was taking our children to church. They had what I didn’t have, an immense joy, an immense peace”. They had a reason to live. They new something I didn’t know”.

Well, I said, “You just answered your own question, your need was for purpose and a deep down immense peace, you were empty deep down, Jesus filled the void, He met your need”.

Not everyone presents the same need to God – In the case of that man it wasn’t sickness or lack, mental health or despair. It was a simple feeling of deep down emptiness inside, which God healed and filled.

That man today says that Jesus is more than that need filled, He is more than he can ever expect Him to be, Jesus is above and beyond, His love and blessings and benefits are out of this world.

“Empowering you to win in life through Jesus Christ”
         Dr Shaun Marler

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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Nothing changes until you change it. My daughter told me, ‘Dad if you change your life and ministry just 1% per week, you will make a 52% change each year’. Wow, if you want something you have never had, you must do something you have never done. Even if it’s only 1% a week, you will change your course 52% in the coming year. A 1 % change per week, in your eating habits, a 1% change per week in your study habits, or your saving habits or any life habit for that matter, will result in a 52% change in the first year alone.

These little changes can be the key to your success. Make the small changes that are in your power to do so, and sooner or later you will start to experience the kind of results you have only dreamed about.

Remember, “The hand of the diligent, gains wealth” (Proverbs 10:4).

Nothing changes until you change it. ‘What you can tolerate you cannot change’. You will never conquer what you refuse to hate. Giving is proof that you have conquered greed.  Champions make decisions that create the future they desire. While losers make decisions that create the present they desire.

I dare you, today, to make changes big or small that will create the future you desire. Remember, nothing changes until YOU change it.

Seed faith is sowing what you have been given to create the harvest that you have been promised. The seasons of your life change every time you use your faith. Each act of obedience shortens the distance between you and the miracle you are pursuing. 

“Empowering you to win in life through Jesus Christ”
         Dr Shaun Marler

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